2016 Spring Fundraiser Timeline

Kick-Off Sale: TBD
End Order Taking: TBD
Order Due to Greenhouse: TBD
Delivery Date: TBD

Delivery Time: TBD

We received a few questions regarding the Spring Flower Sale.  Please see below for a quick update:

  • On-line orders – Students/families have on-line access to order flowers.  You will not be able to see how many (on-line) items sold.  Our Flower Sale Chairperson (Carissa Krauss) will send a daily report to the Carlisle office.  Those attaining the 2 and 4 items sold prize levels will be called to the office to pick a prize.
  • Order sheets – Remember to send in your paper coupons for 2 and 4 items sold. Your student can then pick a prize in the office.  Make sure you sign the prize coupons (located at the bottom of the prize flyer).
  • Orders are due on TBD.  The new on-line ordering feature is a nice option for those you might not see by then.
  • PTO will provide families with a print-out of all of their orders (online and hard copy) following the sale to assist with money collection.
  • Have questions? Email Carissa Krauss at carissa_krauss [at] outlook [dot] com. or respond here.

Thank you for your support of this fun spring fundraiser…now come on Sunshine!!